Terms &

1.0 Packages

1.1 Bespoke Business Support & Email Marketing Packages – These are billed on a monthly basis, however, please note for new clients an invoice will be sent after the initial 2 weeks and then revert to end of month billing.

1.2 Business Consultancy Package – Price to be paid in advance of the onsite day. Please note the implementation of the recommendations given as part of this package are not included in the pricing. This will be quoted separately if requested.

1.3 Dubsado Set up – 20% deposit is required in advance of work commencing with the remaining due on completion

1.4 Onsite Days – Payment due in advance of onsite day. Note any travel expenses will also be charged to you (e.g. mileage at 45p per mile, public transport, parking charges)

2.0 Rates

2.1 The rates contained in this agreement are correct at the time of writing. However, should there be a change in rates for any ongoing support, the Client will be formally notified, given 30 days’ notice via email 

3.0 Additional Expenses

3.1 If the Client requires printing and is unable to provide suitable means to print, then professional printing charges will apply, and will be discussed in advanced with the Client before being undertaken.

3.2 If additional support is provided on an hourly rate, this will be agreed to in advance and billable time includes work on items as directly instructed by the client. In addition, progress/catch up calls, face-to-face meetings (including travel & traveling time), emails, texts or other communication with the client will be billable at HS Business Supports discretion.  

4.0 Invoice Terms

4.1 Invoice payment terms are 7 days

4.2 As soon as an invoice becomes overdue it is at my discretion to stop any further support until payment is made.

4.3 A charge of £10 will be added for each day the invoice is overdue unless prior notification and agreement has been made in advance.

5.0 Performance

5.1 If the Client is unhappy with the works provided by HS Business Support, then this should in the first instance, be discussed either in person, on the telephone or explained via email. Once this feedback has been received, it will be considered as to whether it falls under re-work (if it fulfils Client requirements and therefore chargeable hours) or rectification (non-chargeable) 

5.2 If after an initial discussion, and re-submission of the work, if the client remains unhappy with the works completed, then further consideration may be taken to re-work or the Client may terminate the contract. If it is deemed that the work completed fulfilled the Client requirements, then payment for hours worked up to that point is due, and termination is applicable immediately. 

6.0 Termination of Contract

6.1 Termination by the Client:  If the client no longer wishes to work with HS Business Support before the package has been completed, this should be verbally discussed and put in writing via email and can be effective immediately.

6.2 If the Client has agreed to work on a monthly support package, then one months’ notice in writing must be provided as this time has already been secured for you. During the notice period work will continue at the same basis as currently worked.

6.3 To withdraw from contract in lieu of notice period hours to be worked, a minimum fee of £100 is applicable. The cancellation fee will be notified in writing.

6.4 Termination by HS Business Support:  If deemed necessary, HS Business Support can terminate engagement, by giving a notice period of 14 days to the Client listed on Page 1 in writing.

7.0 Miscellaneous

7.1 HS Business Support does not have set office hours and cannot guarantee to be available 9-5 every day

7.2 If the Client requires set hours for availability this must be discussed before commencement of this agreement to ensure this requirement can be met

7.3 If there is any planned vacation, you will be given a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice and where possible HS Business Support will arrange alternative support for you or complete your work in advance. This will be discussed and agreed together.

7.4 If for an extended period, HS Business Support is unable to complete work for the Client, 14 days’ notice will be given. Outstanding tasks will be completed and returned to the Client prior to the period of unavailability. The Client will be advised on an anticipated return date, when work may recommence. 

7.5 The Client will remain as the main primary data controller and instruct HS Business Support to precautionary measures in place to protect any individual’s identifying personal data as required.  

7.6 Any information disclosed in the course of work (such as log in credentials, usernames, passwords, commercially sensitive information, client/prospect/supplier contact details, processes and procedures) will remain confidential.

7.7 We are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement if you require one

7.8 HS Business Support does reserve the right to work with associates and affiliates to complete all services offered.

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