I think it’s really important to reset and review how your business is doing on a regular basis. It shouldn’t just be an annual task as you may have wasted 12 months going down the wrong path if you haven’t checked what’s working well. Some people do this weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually etc.

I used to create and deliver quarterly business reviews (QBR’s) in my previous job and we
produced a full PowerPoint presentation and graphics to deliver to the team, to
clients and to the boss to ensure everyone knew how things were going. Since
become a business owner myself, I have found I benefit from completing a review
at the end of every month. I mainly look at stats and progress on my goals, I don’t
bother with a PowerPoint, an excel sheet is enough for me but find what works
for you.

Here is a brief outline of what is good to include in your review

1.       Goals – Revisit your yearly/quarterly goals – are you on track? Review the deadlines for each action and plot these into your upcoming schedule
2.       Reflect – what has gone well and not well so far this year – can you make any changes? Are there any areas or processes that need improvement?
3.       Forecast & Pipeline – review your upcoming pipeline and financial forecast, are you set to achieve your targets? Do you need to invest in further marketing/sales? Do you need to cut back on any costs and outgoings?
4.       Metrics – have you noted down your google analytics stats for your website? Take note of your social media growth so you can assess which platform is working best for you. Have a look at your sales conversions.
5.       Feedback – Have you sought feedback from your team, staff, outsourced team members? Do you have customer feedback you can review and assess if changes need to be made? If positive feedback comes in, have you published this online?
6.       Next steps – Have you assessed what needs doing next in your business to achieve your targets and goals? Are these mapped into your schedule? Are your clients happy – have you checked in recently?

There is so much more you could include in your review but the aim is to make it useful and
not overwhelming. I hope this was helpful and if you would like to discuss
further or need my assistance with creating and implementing these regular
reviews, please do get in touch.

Harriet Scott